Saint Andrew

St. Andrew’s School offers innovative tutorial education for boys and girls K-12.  Employing a hybrid of the home-school model, students are challenged and motivated to reach new levels of scholastic and spiritual excellence.  The tutorial approach, tailored curriculum, and wide variety of subjects offered are distinctives that set St. Andrew’s apart from most traditional schools.

The tutorial approach provides for very low staff-student ratios.  Typically, no more than four students are in a class, and very often students are tutored in groups of two.  This provides the teachers with immediate, continuous feedback – the teacher always knows how the students are progressing.  It also provides flexibility – with few students, the teacher can give the students exactly what they need – either moving ahead with new material or taking extra time to cover difficult concepts.  Individual results vary, but many students have advanced multiple grade levels in a single year using this tutorial approach.

A tailored curriculum is developed for each student upon admission, with particular attention to the student’s individual abilities, interests, and learning styles. Students in the same subject and grade level may be using different curriculum based on their needs and aptitudes.  The goal is to provide each student with the tools they need for academic success.  Each student’s progress is monitored through regular testing and adherence to ACSI standards.

“St. Andrew’s School [plays a critical role] in a vibrant residential community where the authority of Christ and His Word is unmistakably revered as the unshakable foundation for life and learning.

Dr. Steve DeGeorge, ACSI Visiting Team Chairman

Students at St. Andrew’s School are offered a full spectrum of age-appropriate liberal-arts and preparatory academic disciplines, including multiple foreign languages.  A hands-on vocational program is also offered for students who do not plan to attend college.

In addition to academics, all students at St. Andrew’s have an opportunity to learn life skills for success – how to know and follow Christ; how to resolve personal conflicts; how to cook, clean, budget, and manage their households, how to respect authority and contribute cheerfully as a team player.  Whether a student spends one year or several years at St. Andrew’s, whether he or she goes on to college, becomes a homemaker, or enters the workforce, each student has an opportunity to learn the skills needed for true success in life.

St. Andrew’s School is fully accredited by ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International.  Recognizing the value of our tutorial approach, ACSI worked with us to develop an alternative track to accreditation—a track that upholds ACSI’s rigorous standards for academic excellence while allowing for innovative methods of instruction.  The self-study developed during this process is now being used by other schools around the country.

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Our Philosophy

Children are always learning, therefore we seek to provide an environment where everything they learn is true, where the truth is made believable, and where character development is our most important measure of success.
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