April 14, 2016

Inside The Fish

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Passage: Jonah 2
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It is very possible that God was able and is able to create a fish that can sustain a man for three days and three nights. We need to realize that we are dealing with Almighty God. He is real and He knows everything about us, and He cares about us. When we are at our lowest level, we need to remember to do what Jonah did and pray. God provided Jonah with what he needed. We need to remember that if we have air to breath, we are blessed. We take all kinds of things for granted everyday. Sometimes God needs to take us a place where we are without things so that we can appreciate what we have. The Lord provided a great fish to swallow Jonah, Jonah needed air and the inside of the fish provided it. In the middle of a bad situation, Jonah gave thanks to God. Even in the midst of unwelcome circumstances we must learn to give thanks to God. Those who worship idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. God can take our lives from the darkness and stench and use us. It is by His grace that we are able to do so. May we give thanks to God in the darkest of times.

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