Wears Valley Ranch has helped to meet a desperate situation. And the caring couple, Jim and Susan Wood bring Normalcy, Love and Joy into many devastated young lives. We hope that all who hear of it will support it with your prayers and as you can, financially.
Dr. & Mrs. Billy Graham
In any area of life, there are wonderful Christian organizations that are doing wonderful things to become the body, the hands and the feet of Christ and go out and be Jesus in their communities. And certainly what you are doing there on the Ranch–it’s just a beautiful thing for people to get involved in. You are doing a wonderful thing in a beautiful part of the world, and anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Bill Gaither, After visiting Wears Valley Ranch
Ever wonder how God puts together a miracle? He does it with an amazing set of seemingly unrelated circumstances, committed and called servants, and hearts fanned by the Holy Spirit. This is a book which will inspire you and perhaps even give you a vision for the miracle God can do with your life. I commend Susan Wood’s book to you. It is a delightful story of faith and fortitude and, even more, a story of God’s benediction on those who will be obedient to His leading.
Steve Brown, Reformed Theological Seminary Bible Teacher & Host, Key Life
Child abuse is one of the greatest evils in our society. It is more than a medical problem. It is more than a societal problem. It is a sin against God. Wears Valley Ranch is doing more than preaching against the problem. They are taking children who have suffered horribly and showing them a new way to live. By providing a uniquely therapeutic environment with individualized education and individual, group and family counseling, they offer a powerful intervention. They are breaking the cycle of abuse by teaching children how to live in a loving family relationship. I commend them for their dedication and celebrate with them the evidence of lives changed by Jesus’ love.
Jeanann Pardue, MD, FAAP, Director of CPG Inpatient Services, East Tennessee Children's Hospital, Knoxville, TN
A quiet miracle has been unfolding against the backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains. A few dedicated people have invested their lives in children whose families have been torn apart. Without fanfare and without government funds Wears Valley Ranch has developed a program that now serves as a model for other children’s homes across the nation and overseas. I have watched these developments with prayerful interest and sincere admiration. I believe that the success of this ministry is evidence of God’s love for these children and a hopeful sign for the future.
The Honorable John J. Duncan Jr., United States Congress
Today, more and more we are hearing of unspeakable crimes being committed by young children, from all levels of the economic ladder. Children whose home situations have left them without the love and nurturing so necessary to enable them to grow up as stable, grounded, gifted members of society. At Wears Valley Ranch, Jim and Susan Wood are meeting that need for many children who have fallen into this unfortunate category…meeting that need with love, discipline, Christian training and individualized education.
Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries International
[Jim and] Susan Wood’s testimony comes from a heart and life totally dedicated to God. The ministry of Wears Valley Ranch has touched the lives of many and will continue to do so in the years to come. I encourage all Christians to read this inspiring story.
Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice
Having known Jim and Susan Wood for fifteen years, I have confidence in their integrity and have seen their ability to impact young people in a very positive way, which is badly needed today.
Mac McQuiston, Vice President, Focus on the Family
I’m so thankful that Jim and Susan had the vision for this minitry…you know how important children are to God especially at risk children that have not had the benefit of a happy home life…[Wears Valley Ranch] is meeting a huge need in a Christlike setting that really does allow a child’s life to blossom into everything God intended it to be.
Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor, Johnson's Ferry Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA
Jim and Susan Wood have built their great ministry on the knees of prayer.
Michael Youssef, Founding Rector, Leading the Way, Church of the Apostles
Being a winner takes hard work and perseverance, but sometimes an injury can take you out of the game until a team of skilled people can help you get back on your feet. Since 1992, Wears Valley Ranch has been providing that help to abused and disadvantaged young people from across the country in a loving Christian environment.
Mark Richt, Head Football Coach (Former), University of Georgia Bulldogs