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Equestrian training


Often children coming from difficult situations struggle to make sense of where they have come from, who they are, and what God has in store for them in life.  These are fundamental questions that we all face, but they can be particularly difficult for children coming out of a crisis.
Working through these issues with a trained, godly counselor can be wonderfully helpful.  At Wears Valley Ranch, two Masters’ degreed counselors work directly with students and their families to identify sources of conflict, discover truth, and work for reconciliation and growth.  Through individual and group counseling, students are helped to understand God’s plan for their lives, to respond correctly to conflict, to take responsibility for themselves, and to make wise choices for the future.


In a culture that idolizes sports figures, where competition often turns ugly and cheating is regarded by many as the norm, Wears Valley Ranch teaches athletic skills and sportsmanship in a Biblical and therapeutic context. Our staff wants each child to enjoy the challenges of developing physical strength, speed and coordination consistent with individual ability. Recognizing that talents and abilities vary, we value effort and teamwork, persistence and honesty, determination, humility and graciousness. Some of our most athletically talented students have found that their greatest challenges involve learning to submit to the Holy Spirit. Some of our less physically gifted individuals have discovered great joy in training their bodies to accomplish feats they thought impossible. Horses, tennis, soccer, basketball, beach-volleyball, swimming and a tremendous ropes course with a 54ft climbing wall, provide great tools for our caring staff to utilize.


Working with animals can be fulfilling, fun, therapeutic, and educational – and few animals are as rewarding for students to work with as horses.  From grooming and feeding to riding and jumping, students have fun while developing traits that will benefit them for a lifetime—responsibility, attention to detail, obedience, confidence, and concern for the needs of others.

The equestrian program at Wears Valley Ranch was designed with these character goals in mind.  As students progress, they have opportunities to care for and ride horses in the arena, pasture, and on several trails around the Ranch.  We thank God for providing this avenue for children to enjoy His creation and grow at the same time!

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Wears Valley Ranch provides Christian children's homes, a Christian boarding school, and Biblical counseling to children in crisis situations. Our vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their full potential.
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