Wears Valley Ranch Christian Children’s Home and Boarding School Overview

Wears Valley Ranch provides Christian children's homes, a Christian boarding school, and Biblical counseling to children in crisis situations. Our vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their full potential.
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Project Description

Lorie Wolfe

Female Biblical Counselor

While a teenager working at a horse barn in Georgia, Lorie met a farrier who told her about Wears Valley Ranch.  (He was, and still is, the farrier for the Ranch.)  Lorie knew, at that point, that one day she wanted to serve at the Ranch.  She carried that desire with her through college and at last came to the Ranch in 2008.

Lorie was born near Detroit, MI and lived in New Orleans, LA and Macon, GA.  Lorie attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where she graduated with B.A. in Family Ministries and Bible.  After graduation, Lorie came to work at Wears Valley Ranch as a Mentor.  The Mentor position is short-term – usually one year or less.  But Lorie’s love for the children at the Ranch and their love for her shone through and she accepted an offer to serve an extra year as a Mentor.  Having worked as a mentor and working closely with the children, Lorie brings an added dimension to her current role as Female Counselor.   Lorie quickly learned how important consistency and stability are in nurturing children.  Lorie says that her passion is to give God’s unconditional love to the students and to replace lies they have believed with God’s truth.  We thank God for bringing Lorie to the Ranch!
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