Wears Valley Ranch Christian Children’s Home and Boarding School Overview

Wears Valley Ranch provides Christian children's homes, a Christian boarding school, and Biblical counseling to children in crisis situations. Our vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their full potential.
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Project Description

Alex and Carlie Popa

Laurel Ridge House Parents

Alex and Carlie met and fell in love at Montreat College in North Carolina. Alex was born in Romania and came to the United States at age 14. While attending Montreat on a soccer scholarship, he met Pastor Wood who was serving on the college board of trustees. When he asked Alex about his dreams for the future, Alex stated that he hoped someday to work with children who come from difficult backgrounds. Pastor Wood gave him a copy of A Place to Call Home and after graduation, Alex was led to become a mentor. During his first year at the Ranch, he proposed to Carlie, originally from Maryland, who was still at Montreat. She came to the Ranch as his fiancé and both served as mentors before they were married. In the providence of God, the girls’ home where they were needed had only a few residents at the time. One of those residents was a lovely young lady who also was born in Romania and had been adopted by an American couple. Imagine her excitement when she found out that God had arranged for her to have a Romanian Christian houseparent. Indeed the Lord is kind.

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