This post is written by Kyleigh, an eighteen year old student who wants to share her struggles, journey to healing, and hopes for the future:

I’m Kyleigh. I came to the Wears Valley Ranch when I was 16. Many students come to the Ranch for different reasons. Some may come to the Ranch for a better education, or because they are having a hard time living at home. I came to the Ranch for both of these reasons. I was struggling in school. I didn’t have the motivation to do anything. I thought school was pointless.

I slowly stopped working on my assignments for school. I was ready to drop out. To add on to this, I was disobeying my parents, and lying to them about everything in my life. Not only did I lie to my parents, but I lied about them, which made people look down on them as parents. I always pushed them away, but I really shut them out in my 10th grade year.

The only solution I thought would help was to run away. I thought if I could just be on my own, I would be better off than I am now. I ran away several times. My parents didn’t know what to do with me, so they prayed, and God led them to Wears Valley Ranch.

When I came to Wears Valley Ranch, I already knew about the gospel. My father loves theology and taught me and showed me how a Christian ought to live. Wears Valley Ranch has their students do chores around the house and outside, just like at home. When I came to Wears Valley Ranch it wasn’t a 180-degree change in my heart right away, but it was gradual. Being at the Ranch, gave me time to think why I was here and how I am responsible for my circumstances. To think of what I had done, made me feel guilty of the sin I committed. I felt genuine conviction for my wrong doings to the people around me, and especially to my parents and my brothers. I knew I needed to repent. When it came down to it, I was so blinded by my sin that I reacted selfishly, only caring about what benefited me.

Since I have been at the Ranch, I have grown so much in my relationship with God. I have been able to catch up in math. Before I came to the Ranch, the thought of graduating on time felt impossible, because I was so behind, but now it seems reasonable. I’m restoring my relationship with my parents with God’s help and building up trust that I have torn down for years. God had to take me across the states to Tennessee for me to realize how broken I was. I am not saying that I am perfect now, but I am saying that if God can work through me, He can also work through you.

While I am at Wears Valley Ranch, I’m learning how to be in a family and how to love even when it’s so much easier to push people away. While I’m at the Ranch, I am able to have a job on and off campus. I’m saving my money for when I graduate from the Ranch. My goal, Lord willing, is to attend college to receive my degree in graphic design. The Ranch has provided opportunities to enhance my skills in art. One of the staff members at the Ranch, Mrs. Lisa, has taught me some tips on graphic design.

The Lord has blessed me with more opportunities to grow in the field of graphic design, such as the Bellafina Chocolate fundraiser. Bellafina Chocolate has not only picked my