Offering hope and healing to children in difficult family situations is what drives Wears Valley Ranch. This week, the students and staff of the Ranch were given the opportunity to “drive” at NASCAR SpeedPark.

Through PARC Foundation, the charitable arm of NASCAR Speedpark, the park was able to raise funds that are critical to the care of the children who find a safe haven at Wears Valley Ranch. If that wasn’t enough, the SpeedPark generously allowed students and staff to enjoy getting behind the wheel.

“God continues to amaze us with the generosity of His people,” says Lisa Radmore, Development Director of Wears Valley Ranch. “In addition to providing needed funds, NASCAR SpeedPark shared our story with thousands of people who had never heard of us. This is typically how children come to us – through someone hearing about the Ranch and passing that information along to families in crisis.”

When you are in the Sevierville area, you may want to check out Nascar SpeedPark for yourself. Learn more about the amazing rides and family experiences available at