Volcanoes! A Photo Essay

This science class was a BLAST!

Literally. Miss Hannah’s earth science class learned about the different types of volcanoes. Each student made their own paper mâché replica … and they erupted at the end of the presentations!

Depending on the type of volcano, each one erupted in a different way…a pink smoke bomb, a Coke and Mentos blast, and a baking-soda vinegar explosion. We want our students to be life-long learners, and hands-on projects like this make learning fun and the information memorable! Enjoy the photos from this fun day.


The class made replicas of three types of volcanoes: cinder cone, composite cone, and shield.

After presentations, it was time for the eruptions!

After presentations, it was time for the eruptions!

Watch out! It's about to explode!

Watch out! It’s about to explode!

Erupting with "lava"

Erupting with “lava”

...and pink smoke!

…and pink smoke!

Those smiles say it all! It was a great afternoon of sharing, learning, and fun!

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