Wears Valley Ranch Christian Children’s Home and Boarding School Overview

Wears Valley Ranch provides Christian children's homes, a Christian boarding school, and Biblical counseling to children in crisis situations. Our vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their full potential.

“Abiding in Christ” is now on 106.7 The Light, Knoxville, TN

If you live in the Knoxville, TN area, you can now listen to Abiding in Christ with Jim Wood Monday-Friday evenings at 9:30PM on 106.7 The Light as of August 4.

In addition to Bible exposition, Jim and his guests tackle   the issues of our day and evaluate them in light of scripture. The program is meant to engage the listener, entertain, and above all else, challenge believers and non-believers to “Take up their crosses” and follow Jesus Christ.Abiding in Christ can also be heard Monday-Friday at 8:30PM EST, on SiriusXM Family Talk, Channel 131, Podcast, and on our website.  https://wvr.org/sermons/service-type/radio-broadcast/

Abiding in Christ is a radio ministry of Wears Valley Ranch.

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